Omega Seamaster Replica, Omega Speedmaster Replica

2018 Three Important New Replica Omega Watches UK

For 2018 Basel Show, Omega is paid more attention by fans. Comparing with those top brands like Patek Philippe, Omega is not so hard to get. And most of us have ability to afford one. Today we introduce you three kinds of new Omega fake watches for sale, representing the design role of brand 2018.

  • Leather Straps Omega Seamaster 1948 Replica Watches

As one of the most important types of 2018 Omega, retro watches are only 1948 limited to celebrate the 70 anniversary of Seamaster series. The design is simple and style is retro which is as same as ordinary type.


  • Steel Cases Omega Seamaster Replica Watches

Omega 300 copy watches with self-winding movements should be the most important because 2018 is the 25 anniversary years of this series. Due to 007 film, Seamaster 300 is quite popular. At this year, Omega makes new innovations, making watches fully fresh from inside to outside.

This Speedmaster series should be another outstanding point besides Seamaster 300. The movement is quite special. The back and front of movement are all in dark process which follow the surface of moon. The detail is quite exquisite.

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